The MIT Spotlight!!

I’ve been interviewed for quite a few publications regarding my work with Blogdex, but today I received the highest accolade: the MIT Spotlight. Every day the MIT homepage features some specific piece of MIT related news to the rest of the community. I recently did an interview for OpenDOOR, the MIT alumni magazine (yes, I’m a MIT alumni… despite the fact that I may never get my Ph.D., I already gots my masters).

I don’t ever self-promote or do my own back patting, but since I look at the MIT homepage every day, but at 4 years and counting, I’ve seen over a thousand spotlights pass over other people, and now’s my 10 seconds. And the best part? The link reads:

weblogs: a new way to make friends and influence people

I made a cached image for posterity.

6 thoughts on “The MIT Spotlight!!

  1. no self-promotion? em. as someone who has worked alongside the cameronater for almost 4 years, i have seen his media making machine in action. not quite a media whore, but no shrinking violet virgin either.



  2. The “Cameronater”? Wow, I’ve been called just about everything but that one: Camshaft, Cam-moron, Cammy, and my favorite, The Caminator.

  3. Way to go Cam ! Doing cool stuff..

    Can you imagine my learning about you while going to the MIT homepage by pure chance today (looking for someone working on the information architecture of the cell) ? I had used blogdex but hadn’t noticed a link to overstated…

    Happy blogging !

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