45 thoughts on “Slammin’ Cadillac doors

  1. I need to contact the vogue tire factory becaue I have a set (4) vogue tires touring vll p235-70r-15. Was this a white wall tire from the factory or was the whitewall painted on? I am restoring one of my cars and I was cleaning up the tire to show off the car but when I starting cleaning up the whitewall it appear that the white on the tire are painted on. The tires are several years old and they came with the car and still have 80% of the tire tread. Please help.
    Note: I have vogue on my other two car and I’m happy with the product.

  2. these tires are great i have a set of 225/60/16 on my 93 deville and a set of 235/55/17 on my 98 deville, great tires only thing i drive on

  3. I gotta say, I am very impressed with the new Cadillac CTS and the Cadillac Escalade. On the page I linked above, it lists the car and SUV price which is fair, and some links to good reviews of the vehicles. I think the ride is really smooth, and the style is high class. Cadillac continues to make classy cars.

  4. wuz’up bro write back as soon as posible im looking for some 235/70/15 vogues ill buy the 1’s u got let me know! thank u

  5. I need a new set of vogue tyres 195/60/15. But when I visit the vogue site they don’t even show this size anymore. So if anyone know where I can get a set holla at ya boy.

  6. it’s spelled TYRE because it’s a britsh company and thats how they spell tire in britian…..dumb ass!

  7. All I roll on is Vogues! 93 Deville to be exact! I get complements on my ride all the time but it’s time to re-tread 2 tires. I see the price has rose a bit for 235-60SR-16 ($215ea), is there anywhere they may be cheaper? Holla at me!

  8. I GOT VOGUES at the LOWEST PRICES! Slightly used takeoffs – when old people come in, the dealer sells em a whole new set even if only 1 tire is bad! All mine are in great shape and ready to go $90 each with FREE SHIPPING! 15 inch sizes only – email me at gmo415@hotmail.com with “VOGUE TYRE” in the subject line

  9. I GOT VOGUES at the LOWEST PRICES! Slightly used takeoffs – when old people come in, the dealer sells em a whole new set even if only 1 tire is bad! All mine are in great shape and ready to go $90 each with FREE SHIPPING! 15 inch sizes only – email me at gmo415@hotmail.com with “VOGUE TYRE” in the subject line

  10. Two answers. First Vogue is a U.S. company in Chicago. Two Mayo and Musturd? You mean white and gold dont you. What fool would call them that.

  11. E-40 calls them mustard & mayo.. it’s a cali thing. And to all the people asking, yes Vogue has a couple of different 20″ sizes with gold & white strips… They really are some of the best tires you can buy! Go on ebay and type (20″ Vogue tire) you’ll see em!
    And if you want some tires that just have colored striped go to http://www.dbtires.com They can put a stripe on any tire, i think any color

  12. Dig this step your game up I got the 22′ inch 150 spokes on 305/45/R 22 vogue tyres! Can you dig that special made so whats up? They are on my 1973 Cadillac Coupe Deville with the skirts. My rims are specially powdercoated to match that red candy paint with the red and white guts! And I’m poppin truck with the 27” inch flat screen in the trunk! I got screens everywhere. I got a 15” inch widescreen falling from the roof. You’ll holla at me mane!

  13. I just purchased some MILK & HONEY 235/50/18 Vogues that is and I love em. They turn my 1991 Cadillac Fleetwood into a hustler.

  14. Hey does anyone know if there is someone like this in the houston Texas area? http://www.dbtires.com
    They custom paint the tire i guess.. because vogues dont make 20s for cars.. only trucks. they are all in the 50 or 60 series.. and i need 35 or 40 series. So if there is somene in Houston that does this.. get at me.

  15. superfly ur such a scrodum. yes ur a nutt sacc. aLL the G’s knOw that mayo and mustard = gold and white. doNt be so sQuare and put a lil curve in ya life .

  16. Does anyone know if Cadillac made the 20 inch vogues for cars yet? If so where can I get them. Is there any place that can make me a 20 inch 245/40/20 vogue with whitewalls and gold

  17. You guys may think Vogues are the greatest thing since puffed rice, but I got news for you: They are poorly crafted.
    I’ve got a set of 225/60 R16’s on my Buick Park Avenue Ultra.
    Three were manufactured in 2003 and are now splitting and cracking on the sidewalls.
    Specifically, the whitewall is separating from the blackwall.
    One tire is out of round.
    I already had one of the original four tires replaced a few years back because the whitewall/blackwall separation was so bad.
    These are the 80,000 mile Vogues but according to the Vogue rep the warranty is good for 80K or 4 years whichever comes first, so if you’re in your fifth year with whitewall separation issues, forget it!
    Vogue Tyres are apparently manufactured by Goodyear Tire & Rubber under contract to Vogue.
    Too bad because were they manufactured by a firm known for high quality tires (like Michelin), I doubt there’d be any quality issues.
    For the high price paid, Vogues are, in my opinion, a big disappointment.

    Washington, DC

  18. Mr. Heller:

    I spoke to you this morning (Aug 21) when you called Vogue’s headquarters in Illinois. I hope that you were able to get your issue resolved to your satisfaction. If not, please call me again and I’ll try to help.

  19. The gold stripe is coming off my 11000 mile Vogues. What kind of paint is used to restore stripe. I can do it myself. Thank you. Tony

  20. I have 3 vogue tires, 2 like new with about 90-95% tread and 1 with about 60% tread. I am asking $350.00 for all three. If you are looking for some GREAT vogue tires plays e-mail me at ( the1stinfire@ yahoo.com)

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