A bit understated

After a month of no posting, overstated.net went completely silent. People around the world started to wonder if Cameron would emerge from a shell of silence, or if perhaps something serious had happend. Then he started talking about himself in the third person, and people really started to worry.

When I first started my weblog, I was constantly worried about keeping up with my peeps. If I didn’t post for a day or a week, I started to feel like I was letting someone down, mostly myself I guess. The reality is that some periods of one’s life are easily reflected upon, and others aren’t. I’m not here to make excuses, promises, or any other socially binding statements. I’m just happy that I’m finally writing this.

Recently I took some tests, got obsessed with Gentoo, and went to Detroit.

It’s actually kind of nice to start from an empty slate.

8 thoughts on “A bit understated


    Don’t you know that blogger love is completely conditional and contingent upon postings!!!???

    check out andreaharner.com for everyday postings! HA!!

  2. whoa, that’s some serious noise. I fall ill for a couple of days after returning and people start thinking I’m down for the count again. I’ll show you everyday posting..

  3. I discovered this interesting site while researching something when i mispelled a search word. anyway it took me here and voila im hooked. by the way does anybody know who jay marvin is (the radio guy in denver originally from chicago)I am from ca/na/da. I hope to hear from you very soon cameron.

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