The best of B3TA

beta logoEveryone has their sources for material, the coveted ubersites we depend on to give us special mojo that impresses other people. There’s one place I depend on more than any other, B3TA.

Every week Rob Manuel and friends send an email update that I inevitably end up chopping to bits and IMing to all of my friends. So you’re asking, why is he giving away his best source? Because it’s over. As soon as your “source” has members making advertisements for VH1, it’s over. B3TA has been growing, and they’ll probably bust soon, and what better way to pave your way from small to massive than with a “best of” dedicated to your underground years. So here it is:

B3TA – “The best of …. “

Almost all of the sites that had me in stitches are there, including Joel Veitch’s Destiny’s Child, the Giant Bee Song, Bonsai Kitten, Emotion Eric… the list goes on. They’ve got their finger on the pulse of the freshest, finest memes.

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