Compliancy and standardization.. YUCK!

frolicking kidsI think one of the reasons the web is such a mish-mash of badly coded HTML and lazy programming is simply that the whole idea of compliancy lacks excitement and fun. What’s in it for me? If I work my ass off and pay attention to all the specs, I might just make the mark of standard. Sure, we’re just talking about the underlying structure, but who wants to be standard? It just sounds so blah-average and uncreative it makes me want to puke (much less actually do the work).

I think the W3C and all other standards organizations should change the language around compliancy. Jazz it up a bit. Make it fun for the whole family. Maybe instead of complying to standards, we should be frolicking to agreeability!! I’m having a better time already.

I was frolicking so much today that I completely frolicked my site into agreeability with the XHTML 1.0 Transitional thing. Check me out on the lower left.. every single page on overstated is agreeable! Let’s all grab hands like the kids above and frolick our way to a compli.. I mean a more agreeable web.

2 thoughts on “Compliancy and standardization.. YUCK!

  1. Now this is an idea I can get behind.

    Whether I can get behind it enough to actually take the hours and clean up my code, remains to be seen, but philosophically I’m with you!

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