The art of making monologues

steve martinDave Barry’s weekly column this week, titled Joking around with Oscar and Steve recounts the process of aiding Steve Martin in constructing his award show monologue. After receiving an email from Steve:

Hi Dave, it’s Steve Martin.

I’m hosting the Oscars this year and am trying to put together a team of geniuses to help me write it. Here’s my question: do you know any? HA! I’m wondering if the idea appeals to you at all. You, me, Rita Rudner and a few others. Best Oscar monologue ever. California. Tickets to the show. Fame.

I know you won’t do it, so go (bad word) yourself.


Dave’s response: “The Oscars? (Bad word) YES.” The resulting description is interesting; I always wondered how these speeches were constructed, how many people are involved, and who is in charge. Two points of interest: one, Steve Martin, like myself, says “ya, ya, ya” to connote “no,” and the funniest joke of the sessions missed the cut:

Halloween 8 came out

I thought it was the best Halloween ever.

It made Halloween 7 look like Halloween 5.

This story seemed like oddments material, but that joke made me piss myself so I had to push it front and center. (via gawker)

2 thoughts on “The art of making monologues

  1. Dave Barry for President! No, seriously! He gets my vote.
    Is it true that Dave is running for President?

    Yes, Dave has been running for President of the United States continually for the past few election cycles. And one of these elections, he might just get some votes! The World Crossing web forum is the current home of Dave Barry 2004 election discussion.

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