When geeks strike back!

geek headsetAli Rahimi, self-proclaimed “Coolest Stud at MIT” claimed his title thanks to a retro-sheik headset design manufactured for his cell phone.

English dork Nick Roope, associated with the B3ta crew claimed rights to this title (or another analogous stud title in England), revealing his prior design, implementation, and publication of old-skool headset.

Embittered with rage and fury, Ali has thrown the ball back into Nick’s court. The audience is tense. And we all wonder.. do geeks believe in ex post facto laws?

6 thoughts on “When geeks strike back!

  1. Ali’s the fwiggin’ man. If nothing else, he’s got the wacky brit beat on the “sketchy coolness of AIM name” category.

  2. This story just proves that geeky projects done at MIT get more attention than geeky projects done elsewhere. Ali clearly understood this when he staged his picture and composed the text.

  3. So what you’re saying jonah is that you, like other people, are impressed by the size of Ali’s 10-sided die and the neatness of his equations. I concur. This English fellow might have good engineering skillz, but he’s not a geekstar.

  4. You’re giving me way more credit than you should Jonah. I clearly understood nothing when I posted the picture.

    If I knew anything, I would have had a serious back and forth with AT&T, demanding them to make a handset for me, featuring a picture of a 7 year old sweatshop worker.

    Also, Cameron, I fear that one day the story will get out that the picture wasn’t staged, the I just happened to have the die and the math on my desk, and that I was just too lazy to clear my desk before taking the picture.

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