You go girl!

One never knows how to react when a good friend starts a weblog. I mean, sure, everyone’s doing it and I support each and every little one of them! Go blogs! But when a friend picks up the torch, there are only two ways things can progress:

  1. You pick up some new facts about them that you didn’t want to know, or ignored purposefully, an intentional amnesia that sustained your tenuous friendship, or
  2. Everything about them makes you more intrigued, allowing your friendship to blossom into something bigger, better, and more beautiful.

andrea harnerAndrea Harner, the girl behind the pictures behind, among other things, is an old friend with a new blog. And unfortunately she falls into the first category. LOL! LOL! No really, her shit is tight, and putting me to shame.

you go girl: andrea’s photo blog

10 thoughts on “You go girl!

  1. you are too kind, cameron. I owe you lots and lots of beers next time you’re in the city….I will warn you though that anything you do or say will most likely be blogged the next day.

    Yours truly,

  2. Cameron, I’d like to compliment you on your post about Andrea’s blog. I enjoyed how it was comedically written. LOL, indeed my friend!

    By the way, this was my first time here with you on overstated. And oh, yes, I will come back…


  3. OMG!! You really must be intimidated by the influx of VIP visitors–you haven’t updated in FOREVER! This is the kind of posting pattern that makes me hesitant to revisit a blog…


  4. Chelsea! I had to post. I cannot believe I stumbled onto this site. Is this random or I dunno what?! I have ben googling you nonstop since 0900 (sometimes I even misspell your name to see if someone wrote something about you and spelled your name wrong) and this was one of the last links I found–Good lord, you’ve been keeping bizay. It was on page 237 out of 237! I almost did not click on it. I’m lying. I never had any intention of not clicking on it. Did I mention that I am I tired? I was up ALL night reading and rereading and rerereading all the e-mails in my Chelsea folder (I think that’s so kewl that Yahoo!mail lets you make up folders). You are so funny at times. Remember that e-mail you sent with “sillyass” as the subject line? I bet you didn’t realize that you sent me 93 separate e-mails, did you? That means something, Chelsea. Dig? I gotta go. I’m going to go sit outside your building all night and I want to get a good seat.

    Call me, let’s hang out,

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