Some notes on WiFi theft

Some may remember that I chose my current apartment based on the wifi capital of the neighborhood. The area is richer than I would ever have expected, moving from 2 networks last May to a whopping 15 at current despite the sparseness of residences (mostly Victorians).

Of these 15 networks, 10 are strong enough to reliably reach with my antenna-equipped laptop, and only 2 of those are not encrypted. I made a huge faux pas last week when, under extreme duress due to network link droppage, I opened up my benefactor’s router control panel, released the host DHCP and rebooted the router. Note that I’ve done this before many times, and with no effect.

Someone in the household must have noticed because now, despite getting a signal and IP address, I am unable to push anything through the router. At first I assumed this behavior to be a timely bug, but as it persists, I’m starting to suspect some human intervention.

I want free wifi, no doubt about it. But given that people will be suspicious of my theft, I’m willing to lend a helping hand and contribute to the cause. Sans posting flyers all over my neighborhood, I can’t see any way of contacting my potential providers (especially since 14 of the 15 have default SSIDs). It’s just unfortunate that the technology is engineered in a way that prevents me from contributing.

To my old network provider: so long, and thanks for all the bandwidth.

4 thoughts on “Some notes on WiFi theft

  1. @mg, haha, that’s freaking hilarious. Imagine the look on their faces getting net send messages from somebody. They would throw their router out. lol

  2. Perhaps you should just stop being so cheap and pay for your own internet connection. Surely Facebook pays well enough?

    Seems rather sad that people who want to contribute to the internet with their blogs, don’t want to pay for a connection for the privilege. Hardly what anyone can class as responsible. Fortunately this is now a crime and people can get prosecuted. Something to consider perhaps when stealing a service from someone else.

    Yes we can always say “it was unsecured, they deserve it”, however, if we all took advantage of other peoples ignorance what kind of a person would we be?

    Sorry for the flaming but sometimes you just have you have your say.

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