Morning after the Media Lab

pfeiffer sunPaul Pfeiffer, the respected video artist famous for his video-art-gone-screensaver John 3:16 is doing an installation at the List Visual arts center here at MIT (which is housed in the same building as the Media Lab). As promotion for the event, they’ve taped a giant photo from his new video piece Morning After the Deluge (2002) on the side of the Lab (which is shown on the right)

I couldn’t help but notice the irony.. a sun setting on the Media Lab? How strikingly appropriate for the current air surrounding our institutional success. Upon further investigation though, it turns out that the cleverness of Pfeiffer’s piece is the synthesis of both sunrise and sunset. The image taped to our building is a superimposition of both moments in the day. How appropriate. A statement of ambiguity on an institution with an ambiguous place in the future.

LVAC: Pfeiffer Exhibit

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