Presidential pop quiz!

It’s time to bring this tid bit to the world audience…

Taking the top half of a $5 bill (Lincoln) and the bottom of a $20 (Jackson) gives us a picture of what famous actor?

bill quiz.. who is it?

I’ve only had one person guess it before, but most concur it’s a puzzle that makes ya go aha!

21 thoughts on “Presidential pop quiz!

  1. oh we are going to diverge quite a bit on this one. for example, i am instinctively drawn to the mouth and nose as the principal features of facial recognition, with the eyes, forehead and ears being relatively non-descriptive. awight, who is it? tell us already.

  2. Hahah.. the suspense is killing you right? My first reaction when i put them together was Waterworld-era Kevin Costner, but with my audience not in a dark, smokey bar, it’s a little less convincing.

  3. It’s not the audience being in a dark, smokey bar that helps make it a convincing effect, it’s having an audience that is beyond inebriated, as I was when it was first demonstrated to me. Strangely, the power of persuasion extends beyond that event. Or, maybe I’m still drunk….

  4. I’m going to have to go with Cameron with the mullet he’s been lusting after. Cameron’s a supastar and we all know any supastar can act. Plus he’s famous. Just check the googleshare.

  5. Okay, okay, you caught me out. I tried to throw you a herring with the actor. It’s not an actor at all.. it’s a flattering picture of yours truly.

    Maybe I’ll use it for my SXSW head shot.

  6. sheeit. how could i’ve missed it? the resemblance is uncanny? hey, are you behind that masonic pyramid with the all-seeing eye too?

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