Pirate battle

Today commences the battle of the pirates, and I’m sure that one of the pirates will totally kick ass. But we must remember in times like this that the only thing badder assed than pirates are ninjas. It would be totally sweet if a ninja flew in at half time and started chopping pirates heads off. All the pirates would storm the ninja and everything would look bad for our ninja friend except a guitar would start wailing and all of the crowd would rip off their skin and then there would be 40,000 ninjas waliing on sweet guitars.

Why, you might ask, isn’t there a ninja football team to kick the pirates asses? The answer is obvious:

Umm…ninjas don’t have a football team because they are too busy flipping out, porking, flying, stabbing, wailing on guitars, and eating pasta. If ninjas did have a team they would kill the whole NFL and not even think twice about it.

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