Thank you women

This week I must shift into overdrive with respect to my generals examinations, to be completed by the end of February. I’m reading a massive amount of papers every day, and since I’ll be avoiding the Interweb as much as possible, I’ll try and post some choice quotes from my reading to keep people stimulated.

Quotes today come from Barry Wellman’s essential networks paper on the roles of social support in the East York neighborhood outside Toronto:

“Fathers and sons often show their emotional support by doing things rather than saying things.”
“Parents are the most likely of all network members to provide financial aid: 52% of them have given loans or monetary gifts. Despite their small numbers, parents make up 30% of all financially supportive relationships and an even larger percentage of those giving sizeable aid.”
“Gender is the only personal characteristic related to support, with women providing more emotional aid than men… Because men rarely have women friends, their networks contain few women, and their male network memebers are less likely than women to provide emotional support. But men can get emotional support from their mothers and sisters (as well as from their wives).”

Barry Wellman, Scot Wortley (1990): Different Strokes from Different Folks: Community Ties and Social Support (pdf)

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