The long awaited lists of 2002

It has become a tradition among my friends to release personal favorites each year shortly after the year ends. It is always one of the most arduous yet enjoyable tasks that i partake in regularly (last year’s list happened to be my first post on overstated). So without further delay, drumroll please…

Top 10 Albums of 2002

  1. the streets – original pirate material
  2. queens of the stone age – songs for the deaf
  3. lawrence – s/t
  4. wilco – yankee hotel foxtrot
  5. ekkehard ehlers – plays
  6. beck – sea change
  7. various – blue skied and clear
  8. drexciya – harnessed the storm
  9. rjd2 – deadringer
  10. people under the stairs – o.s.t.

Honorable mention

Top Movies of 2002

  1. 24 hour party people
  2. spirited away
  3. dogtown and z-boys
  4. gangs of new york
  5. bowling for columbine
  6. minority report
  7. about a boy
  8. human nature
  9. scratch
  10. 8 mile

Some of my friends are web savvy enough to post theirs: Ben, Carson

Post your lists if you’ve got them, and let me know.. I always learn a lot about people through their favorites. Here’s some critical perspective to get you started:

All Music Guide Best of 2002
Pitchfork Top 50 of 2002

E! Online Replay 2002
All Movie Guide Best of 2002

2 thoughts on “The long awaited lists of 2002

  1. here’s my top ten lp’s for 2002:

    1. David Cross: Shut up, you fucking baby!

    2. Rjd2: Deadringer

    3. The Black Heart Procession: Amore del Tropico

    4. Sigur Ros: ( )

    5. Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebezeit: Secret Rhythms

    6. Amon Tobin: Out From Out Where

    7. Cephalic Carnage: Lucid Interval

    8. Botch: An Anthology of Dead Ends

    9. Sage Francis: Personal Journals

    10. Mum: Finally We Are No One

    honorable mentions:

    the flaming lips (yoshimi…), wilco (yhf), and consonant (self-titled)

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