Back seat surfers

Open University psychologist Dr. Adam Joinson finds that gender stereotypes are being played out on the information superhighway:

“As information has become such a valuable commodity, it’s not surprising that men have transferred their traditional hunter-gatherer role to hunting for information on the web”

BBC: Sexism ‘rife’ in cyberspace

3 thoughts on “Back seat surfers

  1. Sorry, I was just being specious. Let us say it is a Proboscic monkey, a webcrawling Proboscis monkey. Then from the vaults of Proboscis monkey behaviour and their innate gender role play I find this; Adult male Proboscis monkeys are imposing figures. They are quite aggressive towards members of other groups. But before initiating a fight they try to clarify their positions by showing threatening behaviour. Doing a lot of fuss they break branches and give loud calls. Now this correlates well with the following:And just as road rage is often the preserve of the male of the species so too net rage seems more likely to happen to men. And so to conclude, the female Proboscis monkey would be a far better net searcher. How can the male be effective at net searching if it is constantly banging branches and rocks together.

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