Tell me it isn’t true: The New York City Anti-Hipster Forum!

In case you’re wondering, this is a blog about how much I (and I suspect many many others) despise New York City’s so-called “Hipsters” and everything they generally stand for. Now, before I begin, let me make a few things very clear: Number One, this site is not about hate, I don’t preach hate and I certainly don’t want to hear it from all you schmucks out there, because after all, we’re all stuck in this filthy hipster-ridden city together right? As an extension to this, I will say that the hipster-pandering is all in good fun, that is to say, nobody will get hurt, but the commentary here will definitely be scathing, satiric, and (I can only hope) funny and clever occasionally too. I don’t hate hipsters, I just think they’re silly and stupid. So have fun.

I had always wished there was someone out there capturing the absurdity and triviality of hipster kids. This is great! But what if the hipsters read these words and use them to breed a more powerful and offensive mutant hipster species that is unstoppable? Oh god!

8 thoughts on “Anti-Hipsters

  1. i really don’t love sites like this. does making fun of people really require a mission statement? and what’s a “so-called ‘hipster'” anyway? so called by whom? not themselves. it’s other people – people like the guy running this site – who are labeling them that way.

    being addicted to cultural (and subcultural) trends is possibly a little ridiculous, but being addicted to the people who follow those trends is even more so. all the people who seem to be posting to this site are so predisposed to hating things, i think it makes their reactions to people/music/whatever less interesting.

  2. Actually I disagree with you two. I don’t obsess over hipster’s I just find them rediculous and their presence annoying… simple as that.

    Why do I find them annoying? I’m sure everyone else has spelled it out so why waste my time.

    If you can’t fathom why this clique` is annoying then your a bag of shit too, am I a hater? Nope, I just don’t like you.

  3. I just wish I could go back to the days of pick up ball, whistling at women, and expecting other men to do the same…my god NYC is full of pansy asses these days! Come on guys, let the gals play dress up and grow a pair.

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