Motorola Day

The Media Lab has many interesting relationships with our corporate sponsors. One of these that evolved a few years ago is the fellowship program, where sponsors can choose to support a given student in hopes of fostering a tighter relationship between our research and theirs. Ever since I arrived at the Lab, I have been a Motorola fellow, one of the largest fellowship programs we have.

This Friday I have one of my biannual meetings with a group of Motorolans, where I update them on my ongoing research and try and connect it to what they’re interested in. After hearing Howard Rhinegold speak, this is the first time that I really feel a strong connection in our purpose, Blogdex and Motorola, both providers of communication technologies.

This meeting is also a perfect venue to interact one-on-one with designers, engineers, or even high-level executives about their products and services. So if you’ve been holding in some Motorola-related angst, or have been waiting for a while to extol their virtues, now is the time to let it flow. Perhaps the CTO or CEO will even get to read your remarks.

I’m interested to see how much my meager readership has to say about a given company, so spread the word, and if anyone you know has something to say to Motorola, tell them to comment here. I’m sure they will take an interest in what you have to say.

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