Become a millionaire, get straight A’s

A team of MIT students under the direction of a quirky math professor moonlight as blackjack sharks, pulling a profit for investors by academically outwitting casinos. This has been a rumor I’ve heard on and off for the past three years; sometimes rumors are true, and they turn out to be bigger than you ever would have expected. This story is the subject of a new biography by Ben Mezrich to be released shortly.

For some reason the hype surrounding this book slipped past me. It’s the type of story that lingers in the air after someone has told it, a story about some nerdy kids no one would expect to have a social life, much less two or three consisting of invented identities and illegal behavior. And the best part, of course, is that they get away with it. A recent article in Wired by the author outlines the book, and left me asking for much, much more. [via b3ta]

Wired: Hacking Las Vegas

Amazon: Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six Mit Students Who Took Vegas for Millions

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