Memepool lovin’

Carson (aka fool) just posted the kraftwerk vs. whitney track to memepool, giving lots of love to my post (thank you Carson).

So now I sit here in my office, listening to the sweet sound of hard drives churning. With over 1,000 downloads in the last day, I’ve pushed over 4 gigs of pure minimal German adult contemporary dance-pop. Ja, you’ve got to love acadmic bandwitdth.

Whoa! Here’s something unexpected: Allmusic gives Whitney Houston’s self-titled album 4.5 stars? That’s a lot of stars. Computer World also clocks in at 4.5 stars, a match made in heaven.

5 thoughts on “Memepool lovin’

  1. You might not get love from memepool but at least Blogdex will record who got the link first. You need to get that URL search working again. My life is not complete without it.

  2. anyone who’s read (or seen) american psycho knows that whitney houston’s debut album, titled simply whitney houston, had 4 number one singles on it. did you know that christy?

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