Bid farewell to Enron

Now in progress: the Enron liquidation auction. It appears that the online auction technology provider, Dovebid, is having some major difficulties keeping up with the demand. Their website is crippled, and live webcast unattainable.

Ooooh I wish I was in Houston right now. This would be the perfect opportunity to pick up a few plasmas for the bedroom and kitchen.

Update: A connected individual tells me that the 50-inch plasmas are selling for $7,600 (which is far above street price). I guess I should have expected this sort of uninformed auction madness.

One thought on “Bid farewell to Enron

  1. The real find in this auction is Enron’s telltale possession of Herman Miller Aeron Chairs. If anything I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did with that level of ass support. If the feds weren’t so blinded by backward concepts like “corporate accountability” they’d be busy investigating those Herman Miller fuckers. They’re the real goons behind this mess. The dot bomb? That was all Herman Miller, baby.

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