Another leap in the deep-fried arms race

Somewhere deep in the provincial regional fairs of America, food technicians have come up with a response to the ever-popular Scottish late-night treat, the deep-fried Mars bar. Using only stock USA-made products, this new invention may be the end-all in end-all diets: the DEEP FRIED TWINKIE.

In what may be the biggest setback for the war on fat since supersize fries, Americans are scarfing down thousands of the gooey, calorie-laden snack cakes at county fairs and restaurants across the country.
“We sold 26,000 Twinkies in 18 days. People drove for hours just to taste our Twinkie,” said Rocky Mullen, who sells the deep-fried, cream-filled treats for $3 (U.S.) each at the Payallup Fair, 50 kilometres south of Seattle.

I am the proud owner of a home deep-fry unit, the only person my age I’ve met that can say so. I’ve made deep fried ice cream. I’ve replicated the foreign but delicious deep fried Mars bar. But this.. this is inspirational. Finally, Americans are on top, and I don’t see anyone upsetting that title anytime soon.

The Globe and Mail: Forget Mars bars, Twinkies now the deep-fried treat (link: beastlychild)

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