“Oh, I wanna dance with some numbers..”


What happens when you mix two parts computer-futurism, one part german minimalism, and two parts dated 80’s pop?

whitney houston AAAAH! kraftwerk

Whitney Houston vs. Kraftwerk: I wanna dance with some numbers…

10 thoughts on ““Oh, I wanna dance with some numbers..”

  1. Anil, you definitely deserve the all-time king-of-obscurata award.

    For those with wrinkled brows, the J.A.M.M.s (Justified Ancients of Mu Mu) were the alternate egos of Brit-dance hooligans the KLF (Kopyright Liberation Federation), who released a number of blatant song ripoffs before music sampling reuse laws existed (a few years before the Beastie Boys produced Paul’s Boutique with the same motivation).

    Only someone obsessed with the KLF would be aware of this academic minutia. Or Anil, of course.

  2. Hmnnn I was at DSICO Sydney gig last month (Circuits Du Soleil) but don’t recall mashups. Thanks for the web page Scotty. Seems they are a Clan Analogue act (being ex Clan myself and DJ’ing silly mashups live myself this is all quite inspiring for me). Got a Kraftwerk Vs Zombie Nation track 4yall at http://prop.taz.net.au/lofipsyfly Hope to get some of my sillier mixes there soon too.

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