Detroit electro: in memorium

James Stinson of the enigmatic and influential Detroit electro act Drexciya passed away Tuesday. An email from Mike Clark shot around electronic music lists yesterday shocking unexpected fans (including me).

This past two years were quite prolific for the duo, releasing three singles and a full-length album, all hailing highest respects in reviews (even those outside the techno scene). It makes me wonder whether James was aware of his malady, and was driven to create the most polished and well received work of his life, or not. I’ve always been moved by their dark and beautiful universe under the sea, and currently have Neptune’s Lair and Harnessed the Storm in exclusive rotation.

It’s a sad day in the world of techno.

3 thoughts on “Detroit electro: in memorium

  1. That’s sad news. I haven’t heard their recent releases, but they’ve put out some great electro – moody and beautiful. My fave is Livin’ on the Edge, off the Origins of a Sound comp.

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