Renaissance man 2k2

After toiling for four hours last night, I finally finished a flyer for our weekly electronic gig in Cambridge (front and back). The image featured on the front is a (no joke) water-powered organ, circa 1647, built by the inimitable Athanasius Kircher.

The more one reads about this man, the more amazing he becomes. Supplied by his network of travelling Jesuits, Kircher collected eccentricities from around the world in his very own museum in Florence. His academic achievements included the first book devoted to acoustics, the first steps toward decyphering heiroglypics, and some of the first mechanical computers. There are quite a few short biographies available online, but I’m yearning for more, perhaps one of the recent comprehensive biographies. As an aspiring 21st century renaissance man, it might be worthwhile to look back at the greats. Did I say I was an aspiring renaissance man? That was a joke.

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