World Cup action got me down

I feel like I’m in boot camp (or my first year of college):

Monday morning, fifa until 5am, go to sleep. Wake up at 7:30am, fifa until 9:30am, go to sleep. Wake up at 2pm and conduct normal life. Stay up until 1am, go to sleep.

Tuesday morning, wake up at 7:30am, fifa until 9:30am, go to work. It’s like March Madness is happening in the worst possible time zone. Someone stop the craziness, or get me some sleeping medication!

3 thoughts on “World Cup action got me down

  1. HA! That’s great.. I just woke up and got the news from my own weblog! I love this stuff.

    On a different note, I used to be proud of my Swedish heritage, but have somehow lost that piece of my identity. I think it’s time to regain it! Go Sverige!

  2. I didn’t know you had swedish ancestors. Good for you:) After the game (at 10.30 am) people were running across the streets (in Stockholm) cheering and singing. Quite un- swedish. People are going to go nuts if we advance to quarterfinals.

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