The Next Generation

The next generation of viral marketers is educated. What is facinating to me is that I remember hearing about a similar meme (“hi, we’re a 6th grade class from a flyover state, send this email as far as you can!”) happening a couple of years ago, and generating so much traffic to the school’s email server that their service provider pulled the plug (archived at snopes)

What is it about 6th graders that makes them just oh-so-irresistable? This is definitely unexplored memetic territory. Who’s more virulent, 3rd graders, or 6th graders? An orphanage from a third world country?

2 thoughts on “The Next Generation

  1. 6th graders (IMHO), are only “oh-so-irresistable” when presented in e-mail form. If one actually has to come in contact with one of the little pubescent monsters, it’s a whole different story 🙂 I don’t think you could pay me enough (ok, you *could*, but no school board *would*) to teach middle school.

    Thankfully, though, there are those out there that can stand them long enough to get them to high school.

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