Conditioning Cameron

One time when I was drunk, and therefore vulnerable, a group of my friends made me eat a spoonful of vegemite for only $3. Okay, to tell the truth, I proposed the bet, and $3 was the most I could drum up (including a measly $1 from the only Australian contingent, who deserves to have paid more, knowing full well what happens when a person is drunk and involved in a vegemite eating contest). Maybe there’s some reason to the slogan “made in Australia, by Australians, for Australians,” because my digestive track sure isn’t optimized for processing a spoonful of the tasty yeast excrement. I vowed never to be so stupid while drunk again.

This weekend I found myself on familiar territory, asking a similarly inebriated audience how much it was worth for me to take one (1) bite out of the largest onion I’d ever seen. Onions, unlike vegemite, are something that I quite enjoy, but despite the fact that I worked the crowd for more than $15, I stepped down, proving that humans, like dogs, can learn from their experiences. Of course, I’m aware that there are some negative examples as well.

3 thoughts on “Conditioning Cameron

  1. So I’m guessing that if you’re getting inebriated and making up stupid contests, that means you’ve finished for the semester. Congratulations.

  2. you grow up with vegimite it’s not really that bad but if you’re not used to it it can be too salty.

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