Nearly there…

I feel like I’m the federation pilot on the verge of shooting my torpedo down the exhaust vent of the almost-completed Death Star…

“Almost there . . . Almost there . . . 10 more pages to go . . .”

Of course I’ll dud on this one, have to come back around as Luke Skywalker and finish another 20 page paper for my Community and Social Networks class by Friday. Then I’ll crack open a High Life and watch the fireworks with the rest of my buddies back at Star Command Central, or whatever they call it. Me and my buds, drinkin’ the High Life. Ahhh.. blowin’ up Death Stars. Drinkin’ the High Life… &;… not drinkin’ High Life… back to the grind.

One thought on “Nearly there…

  1. you can do it cam. think of the high life. visualize the high life. you ARE the high life…

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