Scavhunt 2002.. get it on!

Assemble a group of your friends, and try to collect as many items on this year’s Scavenger Hunt List as you can. Every year I went to the University of Chicago, I watched my friends renege on their lives for 72 continuous hours, only to come up 15 points short of the winning team.

Sucks for them!

Among my favorite items this year (thanks Cory):

10. The destructive power of rock: have a guitar ensemble play any of Slash’s 3 solos from “November Rain” in perfect unison (personally, we prefer the third solo on the album, but we’ll settle for the first). [60 points per guitarist; 5 guitarists maximum. 10 bonus points will also be awarded on the basis of your destruction: in other words, your ensemble must rock so hard that they break open some sort of glass container with their sound waves. It will not count against you if your guitarists are dressed as ninjas, which are cool. And by cool, we mean totally sweet]

31. Passport stamped by all three axes of evil. [333 points. 33 bonus points if it also contains a stamp from “occupied territory”]

36. Fuck this “liberal arts” hippie shit, I want practicality. Bring us diplomas from Comiskey College, Hamburger University (bonus for a major in hamburgerology), Clown College, Digipen, Hard Beat University (bonus for specialty in bass), and of course, the School of the Americas. [50 points per school]

177. Three members of your team must attend the Blue Man Group performance disguised as your choice of either yellow, green, purple, or orange men. [30 points. 145 bonus points for getting on stage]

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