Just me here in lower Blogovia

Now that blogging has tipped in trad-journalism, it’s not uncommon to see a local story as bitter as this: In the world of weblogs, talk is cheap. Choice statements:

The Web loggers’ main shortcoming is their compunction to ”say” something several times a day, consequences be damned.

Another cloying attribute of bloggers is their intense admiration for other bloggers. Many of their Web sites link to one another’s, which serves to build collective audience. But clicking beyond the above-mentioned writers, or the likes of Virginia Postrel and Mickey Kaus (both too smart to write every day), lands you in the remote wilds of Lower Blogovia very quickly.

If you’ve read this far, you may have enough time on your hands to become a blogger yourself… Maybe you will even be mocked in a medium that people actually read.

This of course from Alex Beam, one of the Globe’s most prolific columnists. Don’t be confused, he’s not a luddite: as the story notes, he’s got his own e-dress: beam@globe.com.

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