Another month, another tow

Every month Cambridge scours its streets, to a much larger extent than most cities (including nearby Boston). Every month that is, except January-March, when the city deems it too cold to sweep. And just about every month, my stupid ass gets towed.

Of course, this being the first week of April, I unexpectedly walked out onto an empty sidewalk to realize that yes, of course, my car had been towed. When I went to the tow joint (the venerable Phil’s this time, leaps and bounds above the slimeballs at Pat’s), I was confronted with a $55 fee, $5 more than the last time my volvo was incarcerated against its will. When I inquired, Phil himself informed me that Cambridge lets them raise it $5 every year. “So next year will be $60, the next $65, and $70 after that..” Yeah, thanks Phil. I’ll write that down so I remember when you ream me next year.

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