The illusion of diffusion

From “The illusion of diffusion in information systems research,” (requires acrobat) by Tom McMaster:

“An analysis of the citations from a sample of the literature suggests that claims that diffusion research is a mature domain of study may be wildly exaggerated. This contribution provides an alternative view of diffusionism as an amalgam of pseudo-scientific justifications for European colonial expansionism between the 16th and 19th centuries”

I’m thanking my lucky stars that Mr. McMaster’s analysis has not been the subject of mass diffusion, since that would make me an indirect supporter of colonialism.

One thought on “The illusion of diffusion

  1. Dear Mr Cameron Modesty

    That will be Dr McMaster to you, and that (and various other articles along similar lines) might have made more sense to you had you actually read it. But then I’m assuming that you’re only an american and therefore of limited intellectual ability.

    Have a nice day.

    BTW, enjoyed your important holiday snaps (submitted them to any journals I might have heard of?)

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