Joining the ranks (finally)

so i’ve finally given in. after being an outsider for so long, i’ve finally decided to become part of the intellectual melting pot. after watching countless memes wax and wane, i’m discontent not being part of the system. plus, now that my domain of study is, well, weblogs, i can write this off as research.

i’ve been carrying my top ten lists around in my head for nearly a month now, so i’ll use this first post as an excuse to get them into a more stabile medium:

top ten music selections of 2001

  1. all (wolfgang voigt)- alltag 1-4 (kompakt)
  2. rhythm & soundrhythm & sound (Rhythm & Sound)
  3. freescha – kids hit the floor (attack nine)
  4. the strokesis this it (Rough Trade)
  5. the neptunes/N*E*R*D – in search of (Virgin)
  6. american analog setknow by heart (tiger style)
  7. preston school of industryall this sounds gas (matador)
  8. the pernice brothersworld won’t end (ashmont)
  9. pub – do you ever regret pantomime (ampoule)
  10. richie hawtin – de9 closer to the edit (minus)

top ten movie selections of 2001

  1. amelie
  2. in the mood for love
  3. royal tenenbaums
  4. snatch
  5. waking life
  6. ghost world
  7. monster’s inc.
  8. memento
  9. traffic
  10. zoolander (i’m not kidding)

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