Distributed picture-taking

An experiment in distributed storytelling: while attending South by Southwest, every time I went to take a picture, I was preempted by another, more photo savvy individual. So where’s my photo album? Take a tour with some of my friends:

The most covered session in the West

Okay, maybe a *little* comment. The aforementioned panel went well, according to the feedback I received from some audience members. At one point Doc asked the question “Who here is blogging this panel right now?” to which Wes and Cam raised their hands. Actually, there were three people taking notes, and Doc was one of them!. I think that’s the first blog-while-presenting that I’ve ever heard. I nearly wet myself when I realized what he was doing. Anyway, heeeeere’s the shizz:

Cam x SouthWest

This is, by far, the most travelling I’ve ever done in my life. I feel like a horrible cliche musician under the duress of “road life,” who longs for the relaxing and stable environs of home.

Pshaw. I’m exaggerating, as the domain states, but I am off to SXSW today, probably the most exciting trip of recent times. It’s quite a surreal experience heading to an event where so many webloggers will be present. I’m really looking forward to putting real faces to the identities that I’m so familiar with.

I’ll be participating in Meg’s panel Peer to Peer Journalism: Weblogs and Collaborative Media on Tuesday at 12:30pm, as well as crossing my fingers for Blogdex’s nomination in the Web Awards.

The Cam Cam will be in full effect, so expect a mini-documentary upon return. I hope to see you all there!