Androgenization of Cameron

The baby name blog has a great post about how some names seem to become more female over time. It would appear from recent years that many names are becoming increasingly androgynous, and parents are afraid: what if my boy’s name becomes girlish? The author posits that one could surmise, this is it, the boypocalypse:

It’s one of the classic maxims of the baby name business: most parents who like “androgynous” names really like masculine-sounding names for both sexes. Parents of boys carefully avoid anything feminine. When a boy’s name starts to show up on the girl’s chart, the male version’s days are usually numbered. …Does that mean an entire generation of names is destined to turn feminine? Will boys eventually find themselves stranded on a tiny name island with nothing but kingly classics and absurdly macho inventions to choose from? Don’t panic yet, parents of boys. There are reasons to think that this crop may be different.

What’s fascinating though is that while the pronunciation of my name is extremely androgynous, the reality is that there are a number of variants which fall on either side of the gender spectrum: Kamren and Camren are mainly boys, Kamryn only for girls, and Camryn sported by both. I can only imagine the conversations that will ensue 10 years from now once these kids are in college: “c’mon man, it’s k-a-m-r-E-n, stop dissin’ me.”

Let’s just say I’m happy to be an ur-cameron.