Puli Escape Artist

Our puli puppy Tibor has been escaping from his pen lately. I wanted to see how exactly he was getting out every time we left the house. So I put him in his pen, and recorded this.

I feel horrible about having had him scale the pen 4 times, so the pen has been removed. I am completely in awe of his jumping prowess. Here is his new pen:

This is the pen that an escape artist gets

This is the pen that an escape artist gets

Radiohead “House of Cards” video

Radiohead has just released an amazing video for “House of Cards” that uses no cameras, only lasers and visualization, to produce a sort of vector video game effect:

If you’re interested in the technique, you should check out the making of the video, which includes a cameo by visualization superstar Aaron Koblin. Oh, and they open sourced the data. Holy crap that’s awesome. Go Google, Radiohead and Aaron.

Epic paper airplane flight

What happens when you throw a paper airplane out of the 30th floor of a building? It could nose dive into someone’s head and kill them, or it could sail gracefully for minutes in front of the splendor of the Brooklyn Bridge. This video reminds me of the plastic bag video from American Beauty, only much less canned and cheesy.

Flea market Montgomery: Just like a mini-mall

Every once in a while there’s a meme. Living rooms. Dinettes. Yeah, I’m talkin’ bout flea market! Mongomery! It’s just like.. it’s just like.. a mini.. mall.

I have basically been living life through this commercial for the past couple of days, so I had to make a historical note of it; it’s infectious like Empire Carpet. The brilliant salesperson is Sammy Stephens, a Montgomery, Alabama resident where his ad currently graces the airwaves. It was launched into the public Ellen Degeneres’ audience’s eye recently when an anonymous person sent Degeneres a tape. I would love to see Sammy sucked into the big media world, doing ads for Nike or Budweiser, but I’m afraid he’ll probably fade away like Bubb Rubb and the whistle tip.

Update: The Montgomery Advertiser is hosting a remix contest! Download the audio and make a new song or download a bluescreen video. There are no prizes, but they’re embracing the randomness of the mini-mall.

Bubb Rubb’n it up

bubb rubbIf you haven’t seen him yet, Bubb Rubb is the next internet video superstar. Check him out whoop whooping the whistle tip (windows media).

Every time I see a piece of video online that seems to be spreading like crazy, I make a local copy knowing well that these high-bandwidth memes tend to push people over their server quotas in rapid fashion. Given that my bandwidth at MIT is essentially unlimited, I host all of the video I link to locally, and as a result tend to serve up quite a bit of content.

In the case of Bubb, I like the man, and I want to make sure he lives to the fullest of his potential.

Bubb Rubb info center: unofficial bubb rubb and lil’ sis info center, Metafilter post, flash animation, sound clips, Bubb Rubb remix project. thousands more to come, I’m sure.