Mo Razors Scam

Boy, I seem to be talking about spamming and scamming a lot lately. You’d think I was a paranoid bastard if you didn’t know me. But this one is FO REAL.

shave me babyOn my 18th birthday I received a Gillette razor in the mail courtesy of the United States Army †. I guess they were trying to say, "you’re a man now, for all intents and purposes under the law, so shave like one you little peach-fuzz pansy! And drop and give me 10!" Well, truth be told, I was in need of a razor, and the Sensor Excel that they provided was in a different class. This wasn’t like getting a free Subway token, it was like getting a Ferarri.

Of course I was a blind youth at the time, and hindsight is 20/20, but I fell right in the hands of Gillette marketers. This suave shaver required regular cartridge replacements, each of which cost twice that of a disposable, and with a similar lifespan. In fact, Gillette produced a disposable version of the Sensor Excel which was supposed to be competitively priced with the cartridges. But this was all about to change. The whole world of razor technology was about to undergo a revolution.

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Weblogs and political influence

I just received a call for papers for a conference entitled Politics and Information Systems: Technologies and Applications (PISTA ’03) which is hosted, not ironically with the International Conference on Computer, Communication and Control Technologies in Orlando Florida this fall. I think there is a fascinating paper on weblogs and the microcontent influence on politics.

Weblogs certainly have an influence on the political system in America, first through their effect on the mass media (which sucks off their ideas like a bottom feeder), and second through their democratizing effect on readers (see Joi Ito on Emergent Democracy). If I can come up with a good number of examples, I’ll try to throw together an extended abstract by June 15th. Let me know if you can think of anything pertinent.