127 thoughts on “The Weirdest Dog Ever

  1. So there I was, enjoying a peaceful Friday night, stoned. And I stumbled this.

    I think I have ruptured my anus from laughter. Which is disheartening, as I was still planning on using it.

    Cameron, I’m male. But I am ready to propose.

  2. I remember the explanation from the original video, thought the dog had to undergo surgery, and this was right after, when he/she was still a bit drowsy. Why do so many people assume the dog is fed drugs? (ok, sedatives are drugs, but you get my point) Or is there some trolling going on?

    And oh dear, playing those two at once….

  3. you suckers mean!! the dogs bottom teeth are just missing and hes excited1 thats all. nothin wrong with it! just fine. have you never seen a dog with no bottom teeth. the response video was great lol

  4. It’s a thing that happens to certain breeds of pedigree dogs.
    It’s brain is growing to big for it’s skull. And the dog is in constant agony.

  5. OMG!!!! I love Steve Carrell in Bruce Almighty!!! That was hilarious…but seriously WTF is wrong with the dog? Its trying to eat its tongue?

  6. There is nothing wrong with the dog. It clearly has no teeth which is why the tongue is not controlled and flops where ever it wants. It’s excited… apart from that, the only problem it suffers from is ugliness.

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  8. Probably a dog that had to have its teeth removed so that it didn’t get gum infections. This is common for older dogs. This is probably after the surgery when the dog is still loopy and his moth is sedated. Just like trying to spit after the dentist, the dog is probably freaking out it has no control over its tongue and face.

  9. BaHahaha. Poodles are so bizarre…they’ll yap and freak out for hours on end, for no obvious reason. I own one, and she’s COMPLETELY nutty, but utterly adorable. And the use of the “Bruce Almighty” track is just so fitting…

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