Friendster XSS spam

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been getting some random messages from friends on Friendster (this is probably the first time in over a year). The first three or four, I didn’t think anything of it, but finally a good friend sent me a message, so I logged on and found this:

Friendster XSS hack message

Which is obviously some sort of spam, possibly from a XSS hack. This reminds me of the first effective email worm I ever experienced, where someone I thought highly of (a professor at MIT) sent me a link about photos of Anna Kournikova, and of course I clicked… never again.

Until now. It goes to show how important the sender is in propagating a worm; a really intelligent spammer would take this into account, use the email/social network address book to determine who the likely influenced people are, and message these people first.

4 thoughts on “Friendster XSS spam

  1. Yes, I too have gotten this spam before. It sucks and is extremely annoying. Thanks for letting me know that Im not the only one! Allen

  2. yeah i’m sick of the spamming. I thought it was internal, you know just to get us to go back on friendster. Usually i’m good at ignoring spammers but one got me by using a name on my friends list so naturally i thought it was my friend emailing me. But usually i delete any mail from anyone i dont know before even opening it.

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