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While cooking Thanksgiving dinner with my mom over the weekend, I had the privilege of reorganizing her entire kitchen from the bottom up. Buried deep amidst the cherry pitters, pre-microplane zesters, and other seldom-used implements I found two items that are completely outside of my culinary vocabulary:

Tool 1

Tool 1 (alternate framed view)

Tool 2

Tool 2 (close-up arty view)

The last one is so strange, I took a short video of it in action. There is a short section in most Cook’s Illustrated issues that deals with this task of describing the indescribable. But I’m not a man that has 3 months to wait for an answer, so I am asking you, oh powerful web of knowledge, what are these strange devices? Free kudos to anyone that can provide a believable answer.

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  1. The first one’s a curler, for pulling across a stick of butter or a block of chocolate. Pic of the type you currently see manufactured here:

    The second one is a cookie dropper. I’ve never actually seen one being used but I believe you scoop dough onto it with a teaspoon and then squeeze the handle to drop it quickly off onto the cookie sheet.

    (sorry for the cut and paste URLs, I’m not sure if you allow HTML in comments)

  2. Wow.

    Let it be known that the previous comment was received about 15 minutes after posting. If only all questions could be answered with that haste, there’d be no terrorism, hunger or stumped cooks in the world.

    Thanks Brian!

  3. Cameron, we have the second item as well! Neither of us know where it came from – apparently scavenged from the family household of one ex or another. I totally don’t get the cookie dropper action.

  4. Cookie droppers come in handy! Much better than using a spoon or spatula. You directly scoop up the dough, then plop the perfect-sized amount onto your pan. It’s the squeezing action that’s genius — no sticky mess.

  5. I would think a small ice cream scoop would work better than the cookie dropper because it would make them the same size.

    Anyway, very cool quiz. I could not guess either.

  6. Wow!

    Simply amazing!

    What antique tools? Where did you find these?

    Nobody can say these are used for trivial Kitchen jobs. You should donate them to museum.

  7. I’ve said that least 4229590 times. The problem this like that is they are just too compilcated for the average bird, if you know what I mean

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