Goodbye MIT, hello Yahoo!

This message has been a long time in the coming, but thanks to the ubiquity of the internet I’ve been outed. Sometime in late august I turned in a final draft of my thesis which afforded me this wonderful scrap of paper:

thesis receipt

Since I won’t technically be graduating until next June, this receipt is the only proof that I have that I have ascended the ranks of PhDdom. And thanks to my new rank I have creative license to make up words like PhDdom.

As for the next step, I looked into a number of different options for employment. Among them I found a gem in the budding research laboratory that is Yahoo! Research Berkeley. After careful consideration, the opportunity to help define the direction of a new research lab along with the social and technical resources provided by the company was an offer I couldn’t refuse. After a couple of weeks as a research scientist here I am genuinely happy and ecstatic at the opportunities I’m facing. Yay me!

I also happened into a ridiculous apartment in Nob Hill which was completely unexpected. My last two apartment-hunting experiences have been so easy that I’m starting to think I might have some serious karmic backpay. I’ve tried to get in touch with my friends who are in the area, but if I haven’t yet, please send me an email.

I’m still getting situated in SF and acclimated at Yahoo!, but I’ll hopefully be more accessible soon. First on my agenda is writing up the results of my thesis in a public form. Look for these results (both the MIT Weblog Survey and otherwise) in the next two weeks. Thanks again to everyone that helped me through my Ph.D. and those who allowed me to find this new life.

Oh, and San Francisco is the new New York City.