Survey 2, Electric Boogaloo

some graphFor some reason I expected my survey to spread much further and wider than it actually did. At the current moment, the individuals who were emailed about taking the survey (the random sample) outnumber webloggers at large 3 to 1. I really expected things to go in the other direction.

To rectify this situation, I thought I would provide a little incentive. For those individuals who complete the survey, you can see how you compare to the rest of the survey respondents. You can get a taste of the results here:

Of course anyone who has already taken the survey can see their results as well, just log in with your login key. Don’t worry if you threw it away, you can request it again.

The survey is up for another week, until Monday June 27, so if you get a chance… I’d appreciate it.

Secret Value Meal

cheeseburgerEver since McDonald’s invented the Extra Value Mealâ„¢, I was a spirited supporter of the “two cheeseburger meal,” a.k.a. the “Number two.” Suffice to say, I was distraught when it mysteriously disappeared off their menu a little over a year ago. I think they probably lost a small percentage of their market, but those little cheeseburgers couldn’t be profitable anyway. I started eating Big Macs.

Last night I was determined to relive my childhood and eat the “Classic #2,” ((The new school number two is a Quarter Pounder with Cheeseâ„¢, hardly a replacement for a classic.)) so I order two cheeseburgers, medium fries, medium coke. The manager who was hovering about swooped in and asked, “Would you like the value meal?” Of course I answered yes, of course I want to save money. I scanned my value options, no two cheeseburgers with a number. I asked the manager what number it was. “Oh, there’s no number, just a button. They deleted the meal but kept the button.”

So all this time I’ve been settling for a Big Mac, my server has been staring at a button that says TWO CHEESEBURGER VALUE MEAL? What other kinds of discontinued products do they buttons for? Can I get a McDLT just by asking for it? How about some New Coke with that?

We’ve all heard of In-N-Out’s “secret menu,” which offers crazy items like “burger wrapped in lettuce,” or a suicide milk shake. But I never pegged McDonald’s as an easter egg kind of company. Or maybe they’re just trying to minimize their losses from us disenfranchised number 2 people. I’m ready for some answers.

Help me graduate

mit logoAs many of you know, I’m in the process of finishing my Ph.D. which happens to be about (you guessed it), weblogs. A large part of the analysis is dependent on gathering information about how people use their weblogs and their general communication behavior. For the next two weeks I’ll be gathering this data in the form of a survey:

If you are a weblog author and have 15 minutes to spare, I can’t say how much it will help me if you fill out the survey. The larger my sample is, the bigger the impact, and the easier it will be for me to railroad my committee into signing the document.

So please, spread the word and help me graduate.