T9 Roulette

your phone is smarter than you thinkI have invented a game to use up the massive number of text messages that T-Mobile allots me every month. It’s called T9 roulette. It goes a little something like this:

  • Pick someone in your phonebook, preferably not mom or your boss. For the purpose of this description we’ll call her Maurice.
  • Write "Maurice is a"
  • Mash buttons until you have constructed a word of desirable length
  • Send

I’ve had countless hours of fun already, and apparently it is so awesome that it inspired Rusty Foster to upgrade his 4 year old phone. Give it a try!

One thought on “T9 Roulette

  1. if erik benson will give me ten dollars, maybe i can upgrade my phone, too, and then i can be a nivybtroiwjvf like everyone else.

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