7 thoughts on “Broadening the Blogband

  1. Looking at this picture it does look a little empty, but looks can be deceiving. I actually thought that there was a good turnout. More impressive is the actual number of panels dedicated to blogs at this conference.

  2. This picture actually doesn’t do justice to the audience. The first panel was actually split into two, and by the end of the second session the onlookers had snowballed into 30 or 40 people. And I do agree that there is a surprising awareness of the phenomenon… I can’t speak for last year, but I certainly feel like the medium has tipped in the academic community.

  3. Weblogs are still pretty much unknown in Canada. The small number of audience doesn’t surprize me as a Torontonian.

  4. Keeping in mind that the room the session was in was HUGE – and people were spread out. There are people to the right and left of the picture. I believe this session was at 830 am yes? people started trickling in after their morning java.
    ps….canadians do know about blogs (google blogs canada, u of t blogs etc). netwoman (canadian)

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