Low threshold links

get on the link chainSometime around the beginning of this year, I realized that I was encountering way too many sites to write an individual weblog post about each and every one. My threshold for what to post was way to high to catch many of the sites I was laughing at, engaged by, and sending on to my friends. Instead of losing these links thanks to my imperfect brain, I decided like many others to create a separate weblog just for the ephemeral sites that didn’t deserve discussion.

And so my oddments was born.

Ever since, I’ve become obsessed with finding more of them. They’re like crack. The part I love best is that when I’m truly bored, hitting reload in my RSS reader almost always turns up something. And more than anything else, these new lists facilitate the rapid spread of memes across the universe.

Following is a list of my favorite low-threshold link sites, roughly in the order that I discovered them. Send me an email or post a comment with yours and I’ll add you to the list.

[RSS] Josh Schachter’s Muxway

[RSS] Anil Dash’s Daily Links

[RSS] Jason Kottke’s Remaindered Links

[RSS] My very own oddments

[RSS] Matt Webb’s Mini-links

[RSS] Erik Benson’s Morale-O-Meter

[RSS] Dan Ehrlich’s Wanderings

[RSS] Paul Hammond’s Links

[RSS] Graham Leuschke’s Quick Links

[RSS] Michael Sippey’s Recently Browsed

[RSS] Todd Dominey’s Enjoying

[RSS] Merlin Mann’s Recent Links

[RSS] Mike’s QuickLinks

[RSS] Andrew Raff’s Linky Linky

[RSS] Ernie Hsiung’s Mini-blog

[RSS] Alan Taylor’s Ephemera

[RSS] Jim Ray’s Diversions

[RSS] Pete Ashton’s Linkfarm

[RSS] Jason Shellen’s On the side

[RSS] Arbitrary Secondaries

[RSS] mindless link propagation

[RSS] Jason Toney’s Peripheral Vision

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  1. I have a pretty large aggregation of RSS feeds, but based on users in an IRC that have added themselves to my database versus links I’ve hand picked.

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