OMG!! OMG!! Cameron made a post!!

Oh boy do I have lots to talk about. Most importantly, this weblog has moved over to my new web server, which will shortly be hosting Blogdex among other things. My lack of updates as of late has been due to two things:

  1. I was cramming for my general exam oral defense, which occurred last Wednesday, and was completed successfully and
  2. I have been installing a couple of new servers to finally migrate all my web projects onto Apache, which included familiarizing myself with Debian and getting apache to work with suexec. Ouch for my social life.

To say the least, I’m back, and should be returning to my regular schedule, posting 5 times on one day every week when I suddenly realize I’m not being the exemplary weblogger. Or something like that.

Soon to come: a response to the Media Lab Wired article and an update on research.

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