Hipster backlash

One of the dilemmas of the modern age: how to rebel against hipsters. What is the alternative? Rampant consumerism? Kerry Da Silva comments on the subject of hipster suckiness:

If you live in a metropolitan city like I do, you start to notice that there are as many hipsters infesting your region as there are cockroaches. Both creatures are equally repulsive and annoying, and once you think you’re rid of them, an entire new community of them comes to life. The only main difference between the two is that you can kill a cockroach legally.

According to the article, I fit a number of the categorical identifiers of the hipster clan, although I reject the classification. I’m in need of a step-by-step guide along the lines of I think I’m a hipster.. what do I do now? (link props: redrick)

Hybrid Magazine: Why Hipsters Suck

3 thoughts on “Hipster backlash

  1. camper shoes, 70s shirt, buddy holly glasses, messenger bag….All these things were in fashion about 2 years ago…These people are hipsters? They definitely DO suck!

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