I want a range life

Late last night, inspired by my favorite Pavement anthem, I traded some of my music gear to a friend for his skateboard, and hit the streets trying to regain a piece of my childhood. In the words of the great Stephen Malkmus:

Out on my skateboard the night is just hummin
and the gumsmacks are the pulse I’ll follow
If my walkman fades then I got
Absolutely no one
No one but myself to blame
don’t worry
We’re in no hurry
School’s out,
what did you expect?
I’d want a range life
If I could settle down
If I could settle down
Then I would settle down

Of course my range life was given some prompt closure when I sprained my ankle after about 30 minutes of raising hell in my neighborhood. As the old skateboarding addage goes, whatever doesn’t break your ankle only makes it hurt like hell for a week.

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